Attendance & Absence


At Ossett Academy, we believe that every day counts in pupil’s education. Regular attendance is essential for young people to achieve their maximum potential.

Pupils should attend the Academy each day and on time in order to ensure that they have a regular routine to support their learning. This focus also prepares pupils for the world of work, where attendance and punctuality are crucial. We want all pupils to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Ossett Academy. Evidence shows that there is a link between poor attendance and underachievement. We want all pupils to fulfil their individual potential and in order for this to happen, we need parent/carer co-operation and support in ensuring that we have full attendance and excellent levels of punctuality.

Each Year Group has a different start and finish time as outlined below.

Good attendance and punctuality are part of the regular discussions between form tutors and pupils and they play a significant role in our Positive Recognition and Attitude to Learning strategies.

Signing In/Out Procedure

For Health and Safety and Safeguarding reasons all pupils who need to leave site during the day need to sign-out out reception. Pupils will need to have a letter from parents/carers, which has also been signed by a member of teaching or pastoral staff – pupils must ensure they sign back in on their return.

If pupils arrive late for school for any reason (even if authorised / pre-agreed) the pupil must be signed in at the main entrance gates.

Our Attendance Policy should be read in conjunction with the Behaviour Policy and our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.

Absence Procedure

Inform the Academy on the first day of your child’s absence and when your child returns, either provide a letter explaining their absence, call into the academy or write in the Pupil Planner for the attention of the Form Tutor.

Truancy Reporting

Ossett Academy uses an automated absence notification system which uses text messaging and MCAS messaging to advise parents/carers if pupils are absent from the Academy without notice.

We send out a message to parents during the course of the morning who can then reply by text message, MCAS message or voice message whichever is appropriate. This ‘First Day Response’ is done for any pupil expected to be in the Academy but has not been marked as present.

This messaging system is NOT an alternative to parents advising the Academy that their child will be absent. All parents/carers are still required to inform the Academy of pupil absences on the first day by ringing the absence line.


Parents should ensure that they do not take their children out of school on holiday during term time. If this is unavoidable then a “special leave of absence agreement” must be obtained in advance from the school – please see our ‘Holidays in Term Time’ page for full information

Holidays in Term Time
Attendance & Absence

Free school meal support during child absence

If your child already receives free school meals and is absent from school due to Covid or for an extended period of time, please contact Ossett Academy for continued support during their absence, if needed – enquiries@ossett.accordmat.org
Vouchers may continue to be provided in some circumstances.
If your child does not receive free school meals, but your financial circumstances have recently changed – please use this link to see if your child/children are eligible for this support: https://www.wakefield.gov.uk/schools-and-children/free-school-meals
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