Results and Performance

GCSE Results and Performance 2022

Below is an outline of the Academy’s GCSE results for 2022 and a comparison to the national picture. These results can be found here on the government’s school performance website.

GCSE Headline Attainment Measures for 2022
Ossett Academy National
Grade 4+ English & Maths 79% 71%
Grade 5+ English & Maths (strong pass) 61% 50%
Level 4+ English 86% 77%
Level 5+ English 73% 61%
Level 4+ Maths 83% 75%
Level 5+ Maths 69% 57%
Ebacc average points score 4.39 4.27
Proportion of Grades 7-9 across all Subjects 29% 27%

Below is an overview of the Academy’s Progress measures for 2022.  Progress 8 is a headline accountability measure which takes the average grade across four ‘baskets’ made up of eight subjects. This is a relative measure of progress which compares how pupils have performed in these eight subjects against other pupils nationally of similar prior attainment.

The percentage of pupils entering EBacc was 29%.

Following the system of centre assessed grades in 2020 and teacher assessed grades 2021 the Department for Education (DfE) indicated that any grades awarded in 2021 would not count in the 2022 performance measures (further information and guidance on 2022 accountability measures can be found here).  The overall Progress 8 score and that of the ‘open basket’ is not representative of the performance of pupils at Ossett Academy as most pupils did complete at least one fast track qualification early in 2021, as was intended in the curriculum model that they followed.

In real terms, this means that the Progress 8 measure for the academy does not include 630 results that have been discounted from the 2790 results for the Year 11 cohort.  Whilst pupils secured strong examination outcomes in the open basket subjects of Art, Design and Technology, Performing Arts, Sports Science, Health & Social Care, Business and iMedia, the Progress 8 measure does not include these results equating to 22.5% of the results achieved by pupils.

GCSE Headline Progress Measures for 2022
Overall Progress 8 -0.38
English basket 0.12
Maths basket 0.32
Ebacc basket -0.07
Open basket -1.49

The decision taken to enter pupils as was originally intended was the right thing for our Year 11 pupils.  It would have been wrong to ask them to extend their studies for a further year when they had completed their course just for the benefit of a statistical performance measure.

When the national dataset for 2022 is released, we will update this page to include the shadow headline Progress 8 figure which will include all of those open basket subjects that our pupils completed in 2021.

In the meantime, we are proud to say that our pupils in Year 11 in 2022 emerged from the pandemic with record breaking results that has allowed them to secure their next steps in education employment and training.

 A Level and Vocational Results 2022

Below is an outline of the Academy’s provisional GCE (A level) results for 2022 and a comparison to the national picture.

GCE (A level) and Applied Courses Headline Attainment Measures for 2022
Accord Sixth Form National
A*-A 25% 36%
A*-B 63% 62%
A*-C 86% 82%
A*-E 100% 98%
A-level Average Grade B- tbc
Applied General Average Grade Distinction+ tbc
Applied Technical Average Grade Distinction- tbc


Our Post 16 students have secured some excellent outcomes in the Summer of 2022. Due to the impact of Covid and the lack of exams in 2020, the Department for Education (DfE) announced that there would be no progress score (Value Added score) published for Post 16 students nationally in the summer of 2022.

Despite this, attainment of students based on sitting full exams in the summer of 2022 can be measured and our students performed exceptionally well.

The average grade achieved by our students at A-Level is a B- grade, this represents the highest average grade students at Accord Sixth Form have achieved in recent years. This average grade is derived from all A-Level entries. More specifically 62% of all A-Level entries were graded at A*-B and 86% of all entries were graded at A*-C. Alongside this, all our A-Level entries were graded giving an overall pass rate at A-Level of 100%, ensuring no student left Accord Sixth Form without an A-Level grade.  In addition, 18.9% of our students achieved grades of AAB or higher in two or more facilitating subjects (facilitating A levels are ones that are commonly needed for entry to leading universities). This level of success has enabled many of our students to go onto their first-choice university or Apprenticeship.

Alongside A-Levels, many of our students completed Applied Courses at Post 16. Applied courses include BTEC Nationals, CTEC courses and WJEC Criminology. Again, our students performed exceptionally well in these subjects. The average grade our students achieved completing Applied General courses was a Distinction+, this represents the highest grade possible for students. This is even more pleasing given the fact that students were completing the newly reformed applied courses which included exams this year.

Data relating to English and Maths resits for Post 16 students can he found here

Retention for the academic year was 81.8%.

We are proud of the amazing achievements of our students at Accord Sixth Form and wish them all the best for the future.

Academy Results Performance 2020/2021

In 2021, A Level and GCSE qualifications were awarded as teacher assessed grades due to the forced school closures and cancellation of the summer examinations as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Grades were awarded following the guidance outlined by Ofqual and JCQ. Information on the awarding process can be found here: JCQ Guidance on the Determination of Grades Summer 2021.

In 2020, A Level and GCSE qualifications were awarded as centre assessed grades due to the forced school closures and cancellation of the summer examinations as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Grades were awarded following the guidance outlined by Ofqual. Information on the awarding process can be found here: Summer 2020 grades for GCSE, AS and A Level – 11/08/2020

Further information about examination results for the academy can be accessed via the Department of Education website through the following web link.

  • Ossett Academy Destination Data

  • Ossett Academy and Accord Sixth Form College Examination Results

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