Results and Performance

GCSE Results and Performance 2023


The class of 2023 at Ossett Academy recorded the following headline outcomes:

74% of students gained grade 4 qualifications in both English and Mathematics with 55% of students securing grade 5 ‘strong pass’ in both subjects.  Pupils achieved an Attainment 8 score of 50 and a Progress 8 Score of +0.09 for our Year 11 in 2023.

The percentage of students entered for the English Baccalaureate (Ebacc) was 23%.  To enter the Ebacc, students must take up to 8 GCSEs across the 5 subject ‘pillars’ of English Language and English Literature, maths, sciences, a language and History or Geography.


Below is an outline of the academy’s GCSE results for 2023 and a comparison to the national picture.


GCSE Headline Attainment Measures for 2023
Ossett Academy National
Grade 4+ English & Maths 74% 65%
Grade 5+ English & Maths (strong pass) 55% 45%
Level 4+ English 80% 75%
Level 5+ English 63% 60%
Level 4+ Maths 79% 70%
Level 5+ Maths 64% 51%
Ebacc average points score 4.20 4.05
Proportion of Grades 7-9 across all Subjects 28.49% 22.7%

The percentage of pupils entering EBacc was 23%.



GCE (A level) and Applied Courses Headline Attainment Measures for 2022
  Accord Sixth Form National
A*-B 46%    53.5%
A*-C    77%    76%
A*-D    95.4% 90.2%
A*-E    99.15%           97.3%
Applied General Average Grade TBC TBC
Applied Technical Average Grade        TBC TBC  


Our Post 16 students have secured some excellent outcomes in the Summer of 2023. Due to the impact of Covid and the lack of exams in 2020, the Department for Education (DfE) announced that there would be no progress score (Value Added score) published for Post 16 students nationally in the summer of 2023.

Despite this, attainment of students based on sitting full exams in the summer of 2023 can be measured and once again our students performed exceptionally well.

The average grade achieved by our students at A-Level was a C+ grade with an average point score (APS) of 34.26, which represents an increase on 2019 outcomes. This average grade is derived from all A-Level entries. More specifically 46% of all A-Level entries were graded at A*-B and 77% of all entries were graded at A*-C. In relation to students Best 3 A Levels APS was significantly above the national average.

Alongside this, all our A-Level entries were graded at an overall pass rate at A-Level of 99.15%, this was above the national A*-E rate. This level of success has enabled many of our students to go onto their first-choice university or apprenticeship.

Alongside A-Levels, many of our students completed Applied Courses at Post 16. Applied courses include BTEC Nationals, CTEC courses and WJEC Criminology. Again, our students performed exceptionally well in these subjects. The Applied General and Applied Technical APS were both significantly above the national average and represent an ongoing trend of excellent performance in Applied Courses at Accord Sixth Form.

Full data in relation to Post 16 outcomes will be published by the DfE in early 2024, these can be found using the following link https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/136462/ossett-academy-and-sixth-form-college/16-to-18


We are proud of the amazing achievements of our students at Accord Sixth Form and wish them all the best for the future.

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