Welcome from the Principal

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Ossett Academy website and on behalf of our students, staff and governors I am delighted to welcome you to Ossett Academy and Accord Sixth Form.

Our academy is underpinned by a clear vision of success for all our students and it is this vision that forms the basis for all the work we do across all aspects of academy life and with the wider community. From securing academic success to securing success in extra-curricular activity, our staff are fully committed to ensuring that all students make the most of their time at Ossett Academy.

Without exception, all staff in the academy have the very highest expectations of our students in every aspect of academy life. From high levels of attendance and punctuality to students’ behaviour and conduct in lessons and around the academy, we believe that by paying close attention to the details and getting them just right, we support our students to thrive in their lessons and focus on their learning. Our relentless insistence on high standards has enabled our students to go on and secure strong outcomes across all aspects of academy life.

Whilst educational excellence is at the forefront of our work in the academy, we understand that this is enriched by both extra-curricular activity and educational trips and visits. Our extra-curricular offering is extensive and we encourage as many students as possible to engage in an activity. Many of our students take immense pleasure in developing their musical or sporting skills, but our extra-curricular offering is not solely restricted to those areas, we really do have something for everyone. From creative writing workshops to cookery classes our students can engage in a rich extra-curricular programme. Furthermore, our educational visits are also wide ranging and are designed specifically to compliment our students’ curriculum. Our trips and visits offer students an opportunity to learn outside of their classroom environment; something that we know the students highly value.

Alongside our extensive curricular and extra-curricular offering, I am proud to say that we offer excellent pastoral care for our students that is very much personalised to their individual needs. When students join the academy we quickly get to know each and every one of them and ensure they are fully supported members of our community who can go on to thrive and achieve their very best. We pride ourselves on working in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that each student feels fully supported during their time at the academy. Our new positive recognition programme further helps to celebrate and recognise the individual contributions made by our students on a day by day basis as we believe it is essential to celebrate and recognise the efforts and hard work of our students.

We believe that working in partnership is key to our students’ success and as such Ossett Academy has formed effective partnerships across the wider community of Ossett. We are part of the EOCT consortium and work closely with our local primary schools across the course of each year. In more recent years we have also formed a Multi Academy Trust with 3 other local schools. Horbury Academy, Middlestown Primary and Horbury Primary are all schools within the corporation and we work together in partnership to secure the very best education for all our students across the organisation.

I am immensely proud to be Principal at Ossett Academy and I work alongside some amazing students, staff, parents, carers and governors.  I hope our website provides you with the information you require, but if not please do not hesitate to contact the academy to arrange a visit and see for yourself what a fantastic place Ossett Academy really is.

Mrs Broome

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small trust logo

The Accord Multi Academy Trust is an educational charity established in September 2016 that is currently made up of four academies who were the founding members of the Trust. In September 2016 Horbury Academy and Ossett Academy & Sixth Form College came together, moving away from their stand-alone Trust status and were joined in December 2016 by Horbury Primary Academy and Middlestown Primary Academy.

The overarching vision for the Trust is to work in one ‘Accord – celebrating the differences of each academy through strong collaboration in order to inspire all members of our learning community to be the best that they can be.

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