MCAS – My Child At School

Communication between school and parents is of vital importance to ensure that your child is supported in their education, key messages are sent and received, and parents are fully informed of any events or changes to their child’s schooling. At Ossett Academy we make use of My Child at School – MCAS, this is an electronic communication platform which links directly to our academy data systems to ensure contact details are up to date and information is received quickly.

Parents need to sign up to this system and it is recommended that any adult with parental responsibility for the child does so. The App is available for download from the Apple Store or Android store, and there is a desktop version, the QR code below can be scanned to take you directly to the website:


  • MCAS App for iOS Devices (Apple)

  • MCAS App for Android Devices

  • MCAS Website (for all other platforms)


The website can also be found here:

All communication that is sent home will be sent electronically, this includes:

  • Quick messages regarding your child e.g. Above and beyond messages from staff
  • Letters, both personalized letters for your child or links to whole school letters
  • Reports e.g. your child’s most recent data report

MCAS is also used for the following functions:

  • Making parents’ evening appointments
  • Tracking your child’s attendance
  • Updating personal details for you and your child
  • Accessing your child’s timetable

In the near future we will also be expanding MCAS to include further functionality such as managing consent, trips and visits etc.

Please see below for MCAS user guide:


Please note, this user guide covers the full functionality of MCAS, which we will continue to phase in. Therefore, not all of the modules discussed in the guide are currently activated.

For any queries or support with using MCAS please contact:

 Setting up your account for the first time

You will be provided with our School ID (11790) and a username unique to you by email, and a One-Time-Use Invitation Code, also unique to you as an individual, by text message. Once you’ve been provided with these, you can head to either the MCAS App or the MCAS Website.

Click the “Redeem Invitation Code” link.

Enter the School ID (11790), your Username, and your Invitation code.

You will then be prompted to:

create a password

provide your email address, and

set a security question/answer.

Once complete, you can then use the School ID, your Username, and the password you have just created to log in to both the MCAS App and the MCAS Website via the main log in page.

I’ve forgotten my username or password

 Users can self-reset their password by following the “Forgotten Login Details“ link on the MCAS Website, and then selecting “I need to reset my password”.

You will be asked for:

the school ID (11790), and

the email address with which you registered the account in step 1 above

the answer to your security question from step 1 above

A link will then be emailed to you which can be used to reset your password.

If you need to recover your Username, please use the “I need to Recover my Account Details” link instead of the the “I need to reset my password” link.

Please remember to check Spam & Junk folders for emails if they don’t show up in your inbox.


Switching between your children

To switch between your children, open the menu in the app. The current child whose details you are viewing should be pictured at the top with their name listed alongside. Tap on their name. A pop-up window will then appear listing any other children linked to your account. Tap the child whose details you wish to view to switch to them.

I forgot my pin number

The MCAS App asks you to set a PIN to prevent any one who may gain access to your phone from launching the app. This PIN is set and stored only on your phone. Should you forget this PIN number, the only solution is to delete the app from your device, reinstall the app from the AppStore / PlayStore, and then re-add your account using the School ID (11790), your username and your password.

Online payments

Online payments are not handled by the MCAS app/website. For online payments we use Tucasi’s SCOPay, and a separate set of login details is required for this. Please contact the Academy’s finance office via email to and they will be able to issue you with a SCOPay account for online payments.

SCOPay for iOS Devices (Apple)

SCOPay for Android Devices







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